Club Membership

Membership forms are available from the Club President or Secretary.

New Memberships ( Subject to Conditions)

Joining fee of $5.00

Single Membership - $25.00
Double Membership - $30.00
Association Membership - $10.00 For all general enquiries please contact either:

Memberships include a quarterly newsletter. 

President: Mr M Ackland bullyack@iprimus.com.au

Secretary: Mrs D Bartholomew kahuhluahkennels@gmail.com

Vice President: D Foster

Treasurer & Editor: B Ackland

Committee Members: P Kuller, S Kuller, C Terry, P Cattell, C Ackland, D Harris, C Rosier, E Williams

Life Members: Y Draper, F Barry, M Ackland, B Ackland, D Foster, S Kuller

Patron: Dr Chris Girling BVSc