About The Breed

The British Bulldog Club of SA inc. wishes to advise that there is NO connection between the British Bulldog and the Australian Bulldog. The Australian Bulldog is NOT recognized as a breed by the Australian National Kennel Control or any state canine body.

The British Bulldog

The British Bulldog is one of the most recognized dogs in the world today. Originally bred down from the mastiff, the Bulldog was produced for the so-called ‘sport’ of bull-baiting, which was a regular scene in Britain prior to 1835, when thankfully, it became illegal. Today’s Bulldog is a different dog, both in nature and appearance.

General appearance

“The general appearance of the Bulldog is that of a smooth coated, thick-set dog, rather low in stature, but broad, powerful and compact. The head strikingly massive and large in proportion to the dog’s size. The face extremely short. The muzzle very broad, blunt and inclined upwards. The body short and well-knit; the limbs stout and muscular. The hindquarters high and strong but rather lightly made in comparison with its heavily made foreparts. The dog should convey an impression of determination, strength, and activity, similar to that suggested b the appearance of a thick-set Ayshire Bull”.

So states part of the General Appearance in the official standard by which the British Bulldog should be judged.


As a watchdog his highest practical value lies in the menace of his repellent, personal appearance, and the traditional, but very erroneous idea of his ferocity. Marauders fight shy of a place where a Bulldog is on guard.

Although he looks fierce he is in fact as gentle as a lamb, and most difficult to irritate into anger; there is not a more trusty and affectionate companion for children and adults than a Bulldog. They are absolutely the most wonderful dog for children to grow up with.

They do require special attention daily, needing the folds on their faces to be thoroughly cleaned to keep it from staining, as well as their normal grooming.

The Breed

Like every other breed of dog there are genetic problems which can crop up, through no fault of the breeder. Most breeders certainly do not breed where there is a risk, but if any problems were to arise it is most certainly not intentional.

There is nothing more delightful than a British Bulldog puppy, and no dog changes more in the course of growth from puppyhood to maturity.

Purchasing a Bulldog

However, being recognized as the most difficult of all breeds of dogs to reproduce, puppies are not readily available. British Bulldogs are an expensive breed of dog to buy, and if the thought is running through your mind that if you purchase a bitch you could later breed and perhaps recover your purchase money.. forget it!

If you decide to buy a Bulldog, we recommend you contact the Secretary of the British Bulldog Club of SA inc. who’ll be only too pleased to help you and advise you on who may have a litter at the time.

It is worthwhile joining the British Bulldog Club of SA inc. as articles appear in the club newsletter which can be of benefit to new or prospective owners. We recommend attending dog shows which are held most weekends at SACA Park to talk to breeders about the Bulldog.